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Elevator Plate Snaffle - Leather


Cheek Pieces: The Elevator Plate has the cheek piece attached to the upper shank and the reins attached to the lower shank. When rein pressure is applied, the bit rotates in the mouth and places pressure on the poll as well as on the lips. It is a popular showjumping and cross country bit as it offers more control and precision. It has a lifting effect and is especially good for showjumping as you can sit the horse more on its hocks and turn tight.

Mouth Piece: The Leather Snaffle is a lightweight mouthpiece covered in soft, yet extremely hard-wearing leather. The leather encourages salivation and a softer contact and is especially useful for horses that are particularly sensitive, or even those with allergies to metal. It is very popular for use on young horses as an introductory bit, getting them used to having something in their mouth without it being too intrusive.

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Elevator Plate Snaffle Leather.jpg

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