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Polo Pelham 55 Elliptical


Cheek Pieces: The Pelham has attachments for two reins, one near the mouthpiece and one at the end of the shank. These reins have similar action to the curb and bradoon reins in the double bridle. The Polo Pelham 55 has 55mm shanks and utilizes heavier cheek pieces than the standard Pelham. The Polo Pelham 55 is supplied with curb hooks and chain.

Mouth Pieces: The Elliptical is a 45 mm lozenge and is stronger than the Control Plate due to it having a smaller surface area. Consequently, a horse using his tongue as a means of pushing against the bit and taking control will draw back and tuck his chin in, coming back to a better point of control.

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Polo Pelham 55 Elliptical.JPG

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